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Now over 26 years in Tollcross, many customers have thanked Backtracks music for knowledgeable advice offered and sourceing elusive records, rare cds, games or mad requests which I have personally hunted for. Written reviews and testimonials are collated below online from Scotland, England, France, USA etc or in our Edinburgh shop praising our quality products, and services on offer at Backtracks Music - Games shop Edinburgh Thank you if you have taken the trouble to write to appreciate our efforts via feedback page. 

Backtracks music & Games Shop Edinburgh Testimonials: Read a small selection of reviews comments and written support from buyers of Tv & Audio equipment, rare retro music, film & games etc @backtracksmusic Tollcross Edin Scotland.

March 2016 Backtracks Music & Games Edinburgh 5star Review "Great shop if your into retro gaming music or just into a one of a kind shop this is your place amazing cheers tommy thumbs up" Ricko Gare Facebook user

April 2016 Backtracks Music & Games It's a very special & unique shop! Hannah & Daniel Li - Hong Kong

APRIL 2016 Tape for old dictaphone 8 Shops later success (Backtracks Music Tollcross) very good service Miles McPhail

Mar 2016 Backtracks Games -Sega Shelf -Great, nice shop Christophe Schell Cologne Germany

JAN 2016 Backtracks Music Tollcross Stylus Brilliant Service T/Y (sic) Vic Thomson Edinburgh

Sept 2015 Backtracks Games 5 star A must see place for a retro game maniac like me. A shop where you can find retro game gems and bunch of awesome records. Staff friendly and definitely knows it's business. If there would be more places like this there would be peace on earth Ville Miettinen Finland

Sept 15 Backtracks Tollcross -Awesome shop! - Kurt Langer Kiwi Photos

August 2015 Backtracks Records: Brill Loved it spent up Top bloke!! Zak Manchester

August 2015 Backtracks Retro Games: "Friendly chatty bloke in store Nostalgia never looked so good!" Neil Edinburgh

May 2015 Looking round Backtracks Best shop ever Kathy North Carolinas USA

May 2015 Great Master system in here. Brilliant shop. James Hirat Bristol

 April 2015 The best shop ever!! Burja - Andalucia

Feb 2015 Backtracks Games Love the Shop! Would love more stores like this nowadays! Asjad Rafiq Edin

December 2014 Backtracks Music Shop "The best shop in Edinburgh!Marcos Climent Chef - Valencia Spain

October 2014 Backtracks Games Shop "The best shop in Town! Brilliant"!!! Filippo Italy/Scotland

September 2014 I've got a quality cable at the best price Thanks Backtracks Music shop Juan Diego Edinburgh

September 2014 I was really impressed by your shop. So many things in such a small place! Roman Panbertin Photography Hamburg.

August 2014 Fantastic shop completely and entirely. Very helpful staff - my sort of place. Tom McFarlane Edinburgh

August 2014 Awesome Cool place, very nice collection, will be back next visit Fredrik Emma Carlshamn Sweden.

July 2014 Fantastic Impressive collection of Equipment and nostalgia Paul Chun, Edinburgh

July 2014 Love Your shop (Backtracks Tollcross) might be back Sorayaha and Kat South Africa and France might be back

April 2014 The best retro shop in #Edinburgh @BacktracksEdin Check them out for retro game's, records even if you just want a cable for something. Jack Cuthill Edinburgh

April 2014 Backtracks Games Tollcross Awesome All I ever needed - Andrei Carroni St Petersbourg Russia

April 2014 Backtracks Edinburgh Fix Remote control, bought mobile phone charger Very Helpful - Just go in - A Bell Spylaw Rd Edin

March 2014 Backtracks Music Shop An Incredible Shop Fabulous Shop V Friendly and helpful Mike Diamond Colinton Edinburgh

MARCH 2014 BACKTRACKS An Aladdin's Cave everything you could ever want! Josh Lyall Plymouth England Fabulous Place - Elaine Lyall Juniper Green

October 2012 Backtracks Games shop ( Video Games) I've founded (sic) a little diamond!!! Jose Antonio Garciolo Edinburgh

July 2012 Hi! I'm David, EXCELLENT VINYL TREATS & SERVICE ABOVE & BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY. @BacktracksEdin Donny ALLAN Haddington E Lothian SCOTLAND

June 2012 Hi! I'm David, I appeared in your store on Tuesday afternoon requesting blank VHS tapes. I just wanted to take the time to say thanks for your help and advice. I'll be sure to pop in again David Caldwell Edinburgh

4th April "All the things to keep Edinburgh in good Memory" sic Marcus Bechme Munich Germany

Mar 2012 Backtracks Music: Cool selection of vinyl from many decades! Agneta Lundqueist Helsinki Finland

March 2012 Backtracks Tollcross: Lots of good stuff from my youth! Jukha Nousinina Helsinki Finland

January 2012 Backtracks Games shop Edinburgh N64 games. I love this store! Gummi Gulia Iceland

January 2012 Backtracks Games Edinburgh Wonderful service & Great selection Jessica Johnson Wisconsin USA

Nov 2011 Backtracks Music - Good old fashioned service, people before profit Arren James Kingsknowe Edinburgh

Nov 2011 Backtracks second hand shop great video finding service Mary Sandilands Tollcross Edinburgh

Oct 11 Backtracks Music shop Tollcross Bought radio cassette recorder -Great service & happy to deal again H.G. Fairbairn Morningside Edinburgh

Sept 2011 I had a problem with a musical instrument which I could not solve and upon contacting Mr. Tommy Robertson (Backtracks Music Shop Edinburgh) I found he could not have been more helpful and certainly knew his stuff! Walter Beattie, M.B.E Lothians Scotland

Sept 2011 Backtracks Music shop Tollcross Inspirational and unique DVDs Barry Jackson Sydney Australia Thanks Barry for returning to shop more than a few times on trips back home Tommy Edinburgh

Sept 2011 Backtracks Music Store Tollcross Great hospitality Well done Deidre Smart Australia

SEPT 2011 Good news your urgent order now at Backtracks Music Shop Tollcross Tommy - Fantastic Thanks So much Tommy Great work - cheers Nick Pope Music Director UK

Sept 2011 Backtracks Tollcross Power Adaptor - First rate service Graeme Cruikshank Warrender Edinburgh Sept '11 Backtracks Records Tollcross Good to see someone still selling quality HIFI Tony McQue Edinburgh

August 2011 - Backtracks Music shop Edinburgh - Amps etc, Wish there was a shop like this at home Robbie Bristol England

August 2011 - Backtracks Music shop Edinburgh - Un plaisir par les amateurs de son, Tres sympatique, tres acceuillant. - Vincent Neron Quebec Canada

Aug' 11 Backtracks shop Tollcross Great collection fun to look around records - vinyl John Cass Edinburgh

Aug '11 Backtracks Music shop Edinburgh - Great music selection, good service for cassettes/records Sam Herbert Alberta Canada

Aug' 11 Backtracks second hand shop - Awesome collection of things great prices good service for records to electronics Jesse Carson Alberta Canada

August 2011 Backtracks Games shop Tollcross A lot of good stuff old games etc Marc Rollen Barcelona Spain August 2011 Backtracks music shop - Amazing, quirky, very good service better than HMV - Reel to reel tapes Moira Cameron Leith Edinburgh

June portable Tape recorder v happy with products and service Backtracks Tollcross shop recommended Fiona Renton Fountainbridge Edinburgh

June Terrific Service finding Music cds at Backtracks Edin recommended Allan Hoy Longniddry East Lothian

June Gerry Rafferty (2 cd Night Owl, Baker Street) Backtracks ordered - Service First rate all the way - Recommended Stewart Keith Peebles

March 2011 Wonderful service - Backtracks Music shop Tollcross tracked down cd import I have hunted for years to trace Outstanding Amanda Nicol West Linton Scotland

March 2011 Backtracks Music Edinburgh: Amazing store. The kind of place I've always been searching for Timothy Nierwienski Baltimore USA

March 2011 Thanks for very quick service finding and ordering record player stylus Mr Pinkerton Edinburgh Feb 2011 Backtracks Games Tollcross Thanks for excellent service supplying rare WWF Raw Sega Mega Drive game as I have tried for years (supplied 2 days) will recommend Lewis Cameron Edinburgh

November Backtracks second hand store Edinburgh; Brilliant shop! Quirky and interesting Ruaridh Irwin FIFE November Backtracks Music Store Sveiki tautieciai! Tai nuostabi vieta Ir nuostabus vyrus! Tatjana Lithuania Thank you for keeping our heritage in little details, so we do not turn into America. Great Shop
October 2010 I had a dream years ago about a store that sold everything you wanted and this could be it. Probably the cosiest store in Edinburgh definitely recommended if looking for LP records ie Smiths, Ray Charles or audio systems Kalle Hellminsk Sweden

Aug Thank God shops like this (Backtracks Music Tollcross) Exist Great record selection Edinburgh -Alan Reid July 2010 Backtracks second hand shop is a treasure trove in Edinburgh - Jenny Littlejohn Edinburgh

JUNE 2010 Light bulbs unable to find anywhere else! Sourced and Very well served at Backtracks Tollcross shop Mrs Mackay Edinburgh

23 June 2010 Laptop charger computer cable Backtracks Tollcross - Fantastic service saved me money Graham Robertson Edinburgh

2010 Backtracks Records Edinburgh is a KILLER STORE for Powerstation records, music tapes etc (found while on UK tour from USA) The SKATERS - Spencer

June 2010 Backtracks Scotland Wow so much stuff. Must visit in Edinburgh. Gordon Dorman partynitedisco Purfleet England

May 27 Backtracks Record Shop Edinburgh Scotland is the most inspiring and amazing store I ever saw. Der inspiriendste und beeindruckend Musikladen den ich je gesehen habe !!! Miller Johannes Munich Germany

May 14th Backtracks Music & Games -Fantastic shop, this place is great! Ewen Carr hotmail Edinburgh

April 2010 Excellent service from Backtracks Music Tollcross finding and ordering war DVDs John Reece Edin

As a pensioner I was very happy with Backtracks service tuning tv, video and supplying replacement T Small

April 10 Wonderful shop, Backtracks is a must see in Edinburgh Ron O'Donnell Photographer Redford Edin

March '10 Backtracks Music Edinburgh Hi Tommy! Have been meaning to get back to you for ages... The cd to France took 6/7 days to arrive! Thanks again for going out of your way! Duncan FRANCE

March '10 Record Voucher Edinburgh Thank you for your kind note, Tommy. Steve just emailed me also to let me know the fun they had looking in your Backtracks Music store Edinburgh-Kathleen USA.
March 2010 Thanks for very quick service sourcing reel to reel tapes received next day J Berwick England

Feb 2010 Website cd order request  Thanks for getting back so quick! How much would it be to have it posted to France? Duncan McKenzie Toulouse
Feb '10 Backtracks-Very good service obtained deleted nza Student Prince D Bathgate Edinburgh Jan 2010 Hi Tommy, Thanks for letting me know. I'm delighted to have found (Backtracks Music Edinburgh)  (courtesy of Google), because I thought I'd never get hold of these (deleted cds). Best wishes Roy Mackay

Nov 30 2009 Backtracks music Edinburgh To jest najlepszy sklep w ktorym zakupisz najlepsza muzyke, tv, computers, I nie tylko.... Dan Paderski Poland

Oct 09 Backtracks music Games shop Edinburgh - I was very surprised at this amazing shop 5 star ***** recommendation Jamie Cutkelvin customer Edinburgh

Oct 09 Too good to be true but Backtracks music shop will help you find any music you want. Recommended Gordon McKenzie Edinburgh

Sept 09 I bought a record player turntable and can definitely recommend Backtracks music for their most helpful service. Elizabeth Jogee Edinburgh

Sept 09 I recommend Backtracks music shop for being very helpful when problems occurred with my record player after supplying a new stylus assisted in making sure connections were checked. Alice Joyce Edinburgh

July 09 Definitely recommend Backtracks Tollcross products & services wonderful range of music dvds, videos, records etc James McLaren Edinburgh

June 2009 This shop must sell everything, every time you (Backtracks shop Tollcross) seem to have what I want or quickly find it for me. Vale la pena! Manuel Minerva Spain

MAY 09 "Got what I was looking for, MAGIC" hunted everywhere else found cd at Backtracks Edin John P**

April '09 Thanks for being able to supply tv aerial adaptor for portable television. Backtracks always seem to have music, leads etc I need. Nice one I'll be back Barry Ferguson

APR 2009 Thank you for your services Tommy you have a very good music business (Backtracks Edinburgh)  I will send mates over if you can find other hard to find cds etc. C.C. Glenrothes

Mar 2009 Rare cds - Very good service -quick and easy after trying for ages at other shops elsewhere to find cds I can definitely recommend Backtracks music shop Edinburgh - Colin Campbell Fife

Mar 2009 - am radio You're a star! Have been trying to buy a small portable radio with mw for a while in Curries Dixons etc wish I had come here (Backtracks Tollcross) first. A Runner The Meadows Edinburgh

Feb 2009 Amazing, where else can you get such a broad range of retro games in Edinburgh than in this shop  Nintendo, SNES, Amiga etc I'll be back! Robert Cairns Edinburgh

I know its near to Christmas but recent calls and orders from London to supply a rare DVD and an Edinburgh lady so impressed with Backtracks service that I was taken aback to receive a box of chocolates delivered to the Quality shop in the Street. Thank you, we were pleased to help solve those hard to find films for you.

Dec 2008 Backtracks Music Edinburgh helped me get present and went the extra mile to supply rare record and I can recommend music shop. Brian Wilson Edinburgh

Dec 2008 I can recommend Backtracks shop Tollcross for quickly finding and buying a video film I have been searching for for years to buy in Edinburgh despite enquiring at many other shops. Ms.Rosalind Angelini

Backtracks music shop Edinburgh Nov 08 Poem received as gesture of appreciation (Our first poem)

Once a windy night Gia and Katie were playing with light outside Backtracks - some acetate gel and tape in hand...Out pops Tommy, Tommy he's the man!! "What you up to "  interested he asked. "We're playing with the light, and colour and the night" Our materials were not so good and seeing our struggle offered an alternative to tape, Velcro and Gel he suggests - perfect it is - Project is Go -Cheers Tommy This Guy's shop sells everything - Katie and Gia Edinburgh Art College Students We can recommend service & shop

Backtracks shop Edinburgh October 08 First class service sourcing film last seen 25 years ago and unable to find. I can recommend product & service which were delivered within 2 days:Donald McLean

June 2008  -Thanks for sourcing 2 elusive cds and I can recommend Backtracks quick service David Nelson June 2008 Rare cds & videos: After hunting high and low I have now almost completed my classical music collection helped by Backtracks music Tollcross Edinburgh. I thank you for your excellent service and was pleased and surprised you could supply Dr Zhivago film from stock out of thin air. Wendy Davidson Edinburgh

Enquiry on air asking about where to buy hard to find or rare retro classic music and games on Talk 107 radio show April 2008  Backtracks music shop Tollcross - Hi Tommy - a feature within our show 'AM 2 PM'. Each day we invite listeners to get in touch with their recommendations. Someone wanted to recommend your shop .so we told the people of Edinburgh. Ian Gilmour Presenter Talk107 radio

March 2008 : Polaroid film and Camera sourced by Backtracks Tollcross Edinburgh very happy with both camera and film and although unsure how to operate load and shoot was shown by Mr Robertson and can recommend products and after sales service M. McIllwraith Edinburgh

Backtracks music shop Edinburgh - Hi, Tommy, I'm not sure if it was you I bought them from when I came in last week but was amazed to have the person working find both John Martyn's `Solid Air' and a Neil Young + Crazy Horse record I'd never heard of for me. I've been enjoying those very much! Thank you for finding the Walker Bro's stuff -- I might very well get those, but I think I will buy Scott Walker stuff first if you happen to have any. Grant  P****

I trekked all over Edinburgh city centre from St Andrews Square, Princes Street, Lothian Road To HMV, Virgin, Woolworth and many other stores and shops and was delighted to eventually find a copy of Braveheart on video and DVD  at Backtracks. Edinburgh. Not one of the other stores  had either formats available Thank you John McIlquham October 2007

Thank you for providing a first class service at Backtracks for my TV and digital freeview in setting it up and checking everything was to my satisfaction.- Mrs J Banks Tollcross 2006

Glad to see your Backtracks shop is still open having visited it seven years ago from (USA), especially as having lost a rare Black recording bought from you then, We have been unable to trace it until now. Thanks and hope you continue to find some other elusive gems for us next time. J. M Crowther

Newspaper Review Edinburgh Evening News Backtracksmusic second hand collectors shop review Edinburgh Evening News 10 Nov 2004. 

October 2007 Backtracks Music shop Edinburgh customer review Great blues cds and service - Brian Findlay

July 2007  Doom N64 game and hard to find cds no other shop could supply computer game was ordered and quickly supplied at Backtracks Music & Games shop Tollcross Edinburgh.- B. Ipolitto - service I can recommend .

JUNE 2007 I can RECOMMEND EXCELLENT SERVICE in various transactions ie vinyl records & CDs etc sourced by    Backtracks music Edinburgh for me Ms W Davidson Edinburgh

JUNE 2007 NORTHERN SOUL CLASSIC SINGLES : Found & supplied at Backtracks a recommended service Mrs Crerar

MAY 2007 Backtracks Music shop Edinburgh ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT SERVICE music Cd sourced been unable to find in years definitely recommended Ian Ferguson Fife

April 2007 Backtracks Music Edinburgh - Great. Service - Just to let you know I received desired rare album first thing this morning-Appreciate your help and prompt 1 day service Thank You - Pat Goode England  paid by Paypal

10/5/07 Backtracks Music Edinburgh - Quick finding Service 10/10 for sourcing rare video film unable to find for years - Nick Taylor Edinburgh

March 2007  Costco Straiton business of the month - Backtracksmusic & Mad Hatman Discos  Edinburgh Details instore

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Edinburgh music shop review as left by satisfied customers at Backtracks Tollcross our fully recommended 2nd hand shop Edinburgh Scotland



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