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Portable HiFi and Sound Equipment

Radios, CD Players, Cassette Recorders, IPods:

Backtracks Music shop stocks a great range of quality Portable HiFi and sound equipment ie quality Radios by Roberts, Sony, DAB radios, small world receivers and vintage FM/AM radios ideal for travelling or listening to football at cheap prices fully checked in good working condition in Tollcross. Look below and see if Backtracks can help you find a radio, tape, cd player or headphones from our varied vintage and portable stock in our second hand music shop.

  • CD Players    *Ghetto Blasters     *Discman  from £19.99
  • Cassette Recorders  *Walkman    *Vintage Tape Players
  • Mini Disc Recorders      *Dictaphones  *Micro Tape Recorders
  • Digital Sound recorders
  • Headphones  *  Dr Dre Beats  *Sony  *Skull Kandy *Sennheiser  JVC etc A terrific selection of styles all excellent value.
  • Cordless bluetooth Headphone options
  • Earphones we different styles in ear or over ear  from £2.99
  • Portable Music Systems   *Bluetooth
  • Ipod docking station  *Ipod 4/5/6 Adaptors from £9.99
  • MP3 Players
  • Radios  MW/FM/SW   *DAB  *Digital *Pocket *Vintage
  • CDrom DVD/r or vinyl CDrw discs
  • Car stereo  #CD  #Radio  #Cassette #MP3 connection Tape
  • Vintage #Radios  #Portable Stereos All Tested fully working

Earphones, Headphones, Portable Speakers:

Whether looking for mobile phone earphones from £2.99, headphones £5+ or portable speakers £3+ others with built in amplifier we can provide the answer at low cost. We also have bluetooth speakers and portable music systems.

Alternatively docking stations are available from £9.99 and can charge your ipod and amplify your playlist through speakers with adjustable volume.