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DVD Players and Video Recording Equipment For Sale

Dvd Equipment

Backtracksmusic offer a wide selection of DVD players in different sizes and colour that play many formats ie cds, Dvds, mp3, jpeg and karaoke discs by Aiwa Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony etc

Freeview Digital TV Recorders:

Don't miss another TV programme and buy our low cost alternative to paying monthly for Sky+ with an easy to operate TV recorder

Vintage Video Recorders and Players

Video recorders, TV Video Equipment Players and remotes at low cost. Video recorders still work for home viewing or CCTV with a good selection of functions and programming. However TV Recording may be unavailale on digital signal but fine if receiving anologue TV signal outwith UK.

Give me a call on 0131-228-4898 or 07889-363-686 to check if I can solve your video or TV connection problems or to find original video tapes to play on your video player at home. Many are available at Backtracks to enjoy

We also sell an good range of alternatives & low cost plugs, leads and connections including replacement original or universal remote controls in Edinburgh for your dvd or cd player.

TV_DVD_Equipment For Sale