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rf to phono cable

Retro gaming RF Aerial to RCA phono plug


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Euro adaptor convert 2 pin to UK Pin

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Edinburgh cables, connections, leads and power supply shop Backtracks music Tollcross offers a wide selection of electrical Plugs, adaptors, accessories, memory cards, mains leads, cable & connections for electrical, electronics games consoles, TV, phone and HIFI systems. Now that Maplin has closed down call Backtracks.

Electrical connections

  • Electrical connections -Power leads for Household Kettles, Figure 8 cables for most electrical appliances or 3 core lighting cable available in different lengths.

     3.5mm 6.3mm phono adaptors

    Various 3.5mm 6.3mm phono adaptors

    If you have lost a plug adaptor or can't find the right tv aerial connection for your freeview box - digital tv, phone charger, hifi lead, guitar midi or any other band equipment then call Backtracks music & Games shop who will assist you.

    Listed below is only a tiny selection of Backtracks stock including many vintage accessories, multi extension leads not available locally in central Edinburgh etc.

Computer Leads - Connections

USB connections, computer leads, cables, tv hdmi lead, Clover power lead. Laptop power supply and battery charger. We also stock 4 way electrical extensions, double adaptors, fuses and mp3 products for home or car converter; second hand entertainment store + Karaoke Hire