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Press and News article published Wed 1 Nov 2006 re Tommy Robertson Backtracksmusic owner and Mad Hatman mobile Discos DJ of 30 years award from Lord Provost for 9 years Years entertaining and hosting Great Scottish Charity Walk Scotland. Read on for more information about us:

Award for Mad Hatman DJ by Edinburgh Lord Provost

The operator of a mobile disco in the Capital is celebrating 30 years in business.
Tommy Robertson, known as the Mad Hatter, started his business in 1976 - just months before Saturday Night Fever became a massive hit and confirmed disco's following.
The DJ, who has provided music at weddings for the some of the cast members of Rab C Nesbitt, as well as local dignitaries, also runs a second-hand music store, Backtrack Music, in Tollcross. Mr Robertson, of Brougham Street, Tollcross, said: "The industry has changed massively over the years.
"I used to have to carry about huge speakers with me and five huge boxes of singles, but now everything is on CDs, or more often, a tiny laptop."
He added: "It is the reaction from the people you play to that really makes it for any performer.
"I think I would miss it too much if I ever gave up, so I think I'll definitely be carrying on for quite a while longer."


Hatman DJ receives award from Edinburgh