Plugs, Leads and Accessories

Edinburgh accessories shop Backtracks music in Tollcross offers a wide selection of electrical Plugs, cable,computer Adaptors etc from £1+

Find quality mains power leads & 2/4/6 electrical multi extension power connections, lighting cable and sound leads cheaper for music, games, electronics, phones. Everything from vintage mouse to USB keyboard on sale.

Call Backtracks for WiFi Lan ethernet cables to connect internet, hdmi cable, TV aerial plugs and essential connection if you require cheap replacements. If you need advice finding the right euro plug converter freeview box or sky digital tv or mobile phone charger. Give Backtracks a call. We also stock second hand extra long rubber plug power for lawnmower or extension cables for your garden.


Backtracks stock hifi leads, Speaker cables, guitar midi and other band equipment from plectrums to mini jack adaptors.  headphone adaptors, Aux Leads - or various mobile phone usb connections, type c micro or mini, computer cables, TV hdmi to scart connection and lead, Clover power lead, Scart, 4 way electrical extensions, double adaptors, fuses and mp3 products for home or cassette car converter including many vintage accessories probably not available locally in central Edinburgh but try Backtracks in Brougham Street off Home Street Tollcross.

Power Supplies - TV - Laptops - Electrical - Games

Not sure what type of power supply you need or where to ask? Problem solved - Backtracks has the knowledge, experience and stock to assist in Edinburgh. A simple kettle lead or figure 8 power cable. Thunderbolt ipad to hdmi monitor lead, VGA, HDMI, scart or 12v  19v laptop charger for Acer, Compaq, Dell, Sony Vaio, Toshiba.

Hand held Games charger for Nintendo Gameboy, 5volt Sony DS, Gamecube, N64 power supply can all be found at low cost here in Tollcross.

We also sell cases from £3+ for mobile phones, cameras also large holdalls, laptop cases, record cases, handheld games console cases and musical instruments ie guitar, violin case,trumpet case.

Free advice

Free advice to customers looking to connect your laptop or ipod to your stereo hifi,  3.5mm mini jack lead, car stereo connectors, usb car charger or jump cables to boost your car in Edinburgh.