Portable HiFi and Sound Equipment

Radios, CD Players, Cassette Recorders, IPods:

Backtracks Music shop stocks a wide range of quality low cost Portable HiFis and various quality DAB radios, FM/AM radios at great prices. Alternatively small world receivers World Radios by Roberts, Classic Sony radio alarms or vintage MW radios from £7.99+ ideal for travelling or listening to football at cheap prices. All equipment fully checked in good working condition in Tollcross. Check list below or message Backtracks to help you find a radio, tape, cd player or headphones from our varied portable and vintage stock in our second hand music shop.

Power and Portable amps ideal for busking, practice or small venue. We  demo equipment before sale if within budget. ie  Orange Bass Amp etc excellent condition, just connect guitar, keyboard or some with microphone input or pedal input and voila!

Portable Retro Music Equipment.

  • Portable CD player Tape Recorder Radio stereo with remote control fully tested (see photo above)
  •   *Ghetto Blasters  Double Tape player recorder Radio Tested You will find a good selection of portable CD radio cassette or radios instore @BacktracksEdin
  •  CD *Discman  from £19.99 fully tested great sound aux out
  • Cassette Recorders  *Walkman    *Vintage Tape Players various styles of  tape machines either fully working or some ideal for film props at reduced price.
  • Mini Disc Recorders      *Dictaphones  *Micro Tape Recorders
  • Digital Sound recorder for that professional sound clarity.
  • Portable Music Systems   *Bluetooth CD with radio
  • Ipod docking station  *Ipod 4/5/6 Adaptors from £9.99
  • MP3 Players
  • Radios  MW/FM/SW   *DAB  *Digital *Pocket *Vintage
  • CDrom DVD/r or vinyl CDrw discs
  • Car stereos Look in to find excellent low cost  #CD  player #Radios or   #Cassette #MP3 connection Tapes for retro cars.
  • Vintage #Radios  #Portable Stereos All Tested fully working including great makes by Roberts, Hacker, Sony

Earphones, Headphones, Portable Speakers:

Whether looking for mobile phone earphones from £2.99, headphones £5+ or portable speakers £3+ others with built in amplifier we can provide the answer at low cost. We also have bluetooth speakers and portable music systems.

  • Headphones  *  Dr Dre Beats  *Sony #Roland *Sennheiser  JVC etc A terrific selection of styles all excellent value.
  • Cordless bluetooth Headphone options
  • Earphones we different styles in ear or over ear  from £2.99
  • Bluetooth speakers all tested excellent sound low cost.

Alternatively docking stations are available from £9.99 that can charge various phone or  ipod and amplify your playlist through speakers with adjustable volume.