Miscellaneous Accessories and Connections

Misc Accessories:

Backtracks Edinburgh stocks many misc accessories and if you live in Marchmont, Bruntsfield the ideal shop to find that elictrical adaptor plug, cable or extension. If not sure what you need for your old equipment. Backtracks Tollcross is uniquely equipped to identifyand suppy hard to find items. With good service, cheap prices and huge selection of equipment accessories from speaker cable, speaker stands, guitar strings, printer ink cartridges, quality blank cds,  dvd-r or adaptors to useful tools. Why not call Backtracks Tollcross shop to find your wants today since Maplin's Dalry, Bruntsfield Radio etc have closed.  Check reviews + feedback..

Tools Ironmongery:


Since B+Q, Homebase and many local Tool shops have closed visit Backtracks Tollcross Edinburgh where you can buy a DIY tool kit, hammer, screwdriver, electric drill, electric sander, ironmongery, drill bits, solder, mortice door locks, nuts, bolts, nails, screws, shelf brackets, yale door locks or bargain 5 lever security, probably cheaper and perfect for that household repair job and local to Bruntsfield, Warrender, Marchmont, Fountainbridge, Morningside etc.


Electrical Goods -Accessories

Backtracks Electrical Digital TV adaptors, plugs, cables or buy longer television extension leads, cool electric fan, study light £5+, table lamp, Fan heater £8+, second hand fire, cheap home heaters, pink mini fridge £13.99, small electrical or household kettle £4+, fuses, sandwich toaster £5+, Hoover vacuum cleaner £10+, euro plugs smoke detectors £4+, torch batteries £1+, 4 way extension lead, double adaptors £1+, Tollcross Edinburgh

Mobile phones, chargers, books, cable or bluetooth extras tested at low cost from Iphone, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola etc

Valuable Retro rare cameras may be bought for cash ie Polaroid 600, Canon SLR cables, leads adaptors Edinburgh

Sports Sale: Golf clubs, Golf Putter, sports bags, tennis, golf balls, snooker pool cues, darts, Dart board, videos, dvds.

Satellite Navigation systems: Sale Tom Tom, Navman in stock charger Sat Nav car mount options Edinburgh at Backtracks