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Edinburgh used Music shop Backtracks offers a wide selection of low cost quality music shop instruments and accessories – Situated closest to Kings Theatre, Usher Hall and Royal Lyceum. Backtracks are happy to assist musicians,  buskers and beginners with preowned Musical Instruments, cables or accessories for musicians, buskers or entertainers looking for value for money.

When looking for a second hand guitar, violin or ukulele in Edinburgh check out our selection from £19.99 or buy quality Fender acoustic (see photo), Clifton guitar, Valencia Spanish Guitar, Classical Nylon or steel strung Acoustic guitars, strats by Yamaha, Epiphone or black Fender Squire sounding great today.

Guitars For Sale:

Guitars for sale

Second hand Guitars

  • Accoustic Guitars  #Full size   #3/4 1/2 size  #Classical
  • Hand made Clifton Concert quality Classical guitar
  • Electric Guitars by #Fender SG Stagg Cruiser  etc
  • Guitar Amps #Harley Bass Amp #Combi Amps  #Bedroom Amp Low Cost Bass or #Busking Amps from £19.99
  • Roland Cube street Ex busking Guitar amp with reverb, effects and   sound. Rechargeable battery and mains option excellent condition. See photo.
  • Gibson electric Guitar hard case  - Padded to Protect your electric guitar in transit Fantastic condition low price.
  • Guitar Bags/ Cases for Electric & Acoustic guitar & mandolin
  • Epiphone black padded protective shell case immaculate with clip locks superb condition.
  • Uke or Violin cases soft and hard at low cost with multiple uses
  • Guitar Picks/Plectrums Capo #Chord & how to play music books fr £4.99 #Guitar Tuners fr £7.99 and #strings # Tremolo arm Whammy Bar
  • Vintage song sheets for Sax, piano, accordion, guitar, harmonica etc from different eras and styles.

Studio Monitor Equipment and PA Speakers:

portable cube speaker

Micro cube guitar amp

  • Mackie Big Knob Studio Command Centre, boxed
  • Toneworks Multi FX Pedal
  • Boss Multi FX pedal
  • 200watt Active Amp/Powered speakers PA/Disco tested ideal to just set up and play live.
  • Pair 250 watt PA/DJ speakers 8ohm powerful sound Now £20 OFF pair Great 12in driver and horns ideal for pub or functions will demo.
  • Marshall (metal) Footswitch and Marshall Tshirt available.

Amplifier Power Amps:

  • Orange Terror Bass Amp in case superb condition.
  • Vintage WEM Soundman multi input 5 channel mixer Amp + reverb 150w  Fully working tested
  • Practice Amps-£29.99+ Fender combo Amplifiers,
  • Harley Richmond BASS Amp/Speaker combo Just out of Box as new £75
  • Bass Gear 4 Music Amp Amplifier Speaker combo still Boxed
  • Busking Amp - small PA from £29.99 band options- pubs/ halls

Keyboards For Sale

Check out our various piano keyboards from small portasound to larger 69 key midi models

  • Keyboard fully boxed from £20
  • 100 accompaniment styles Yamaha Education Suite, 32-note polyphony, Two onboard speakers
  • Also 80s Yamaha PS50 keyboard fully boxed in excellent condition.
  • Stereo sampled piano plus 129 instruments and sound.
  • Casio PT-87 see photo boxed with song booklet etc
  • Keyboard stand portable at low cost.

Drums - Percussion Instruments

  • Stagg Drum pedal excellent see photo
  • 3 Vintage PREMIER response DRUMS CL 12.5in (32cm) DRUM CL 13.5in (34cm), DRUM CL 14.5in (37cm) from£19.99
  • Red Bass Drum 16.5in (42cm)
  • Drum Sticks fr £5   #Bohran - #Shakers  #Tambourines
  • Drum Cases available to protect your drum at low cost
  • Dual Bongos by Stagg for sale.
  • Vintage Tambourines various sizes
  • Cymbals Large and medium sizes available.
Band Disco Equipment Accessories:
  • Radio Microphones in case fully tested excellent condition ideal for DJ presenter for cable free presentations.
  • Microphones   #AKG 190E, #Karaoke #Radio Microphones, etc
  • Peavey pro mic superb in case xlr connection
  • Sheet Music stands fr £9.99,  #Guitar stand, #Guitar Foot rest,
  • Instrument Cases/bags fr £9, Guitar Tuner fr £7, Guitar Straps fr £4,
  • Speaker wall brackets from £9.99 Speaker Stands various sizes
  • Speaker leads,  Power Supplies, Power cables, Midi cables, XLR leads, adaptors, Extensions, plugs, usb sound mixer, DC 3v-6v-9v-12v power from £2.99
  • Microphone leads 3.5mm, 6.33mm jack and adaptor.
  • Kaos pad for DJ mixers etc
  • Microphone stands, boom stands, mic pop shields.
  • Peavey microphone stand as new in carry case.

Wind Instruments:

  • Vintage Cavalry Trumpet -SOLD
  • Trumpet carry case  #Violin Carry case For sale
  • Hohner mouth organs etc, Harmonicas from £5
  • Wooden flute in case Musikhaus

Chidrens Instruments and Toys: Small Guitars, Keyboard, Drum

Backtracks Music shop is handy if visiting The Usher Hall, Royal Lyceum or Odeon Cinema Lothian Road as we are round the corner from Kings Theatre in Tollcross.

All our equipment is tested before sale to customers satisfaction to ensure quality control.