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Find Nintendo NES, N64 Gameboy and a great retro Console Games and accessories in Tollcross also Playstation 1 & PS2, Dreamcast, xbox360, X-Box, DS, pocket Nintendo Advance and Cases available from a few £££s

Always changing with Mega drive, Commodore 16/64, Sega Master system Dreamcast, Amiga, Atari 2600, Amstrad tapes, Dragon 32 games, Spectrum Cassettes in stock to browse but lists are not available.

Alternatively you can pick up traditional games like chess sets, chess pieces, backgammon, playing cards, dice, draughts, scalextric cars, subbuteo football game set, Dartboard and darts or poker chips in Tollcross at low cost.

PC Computer Laptop: New and used computer Equipment

If you need anything from a power supply, laptop case or connection cables for cameras or monitor screens for your old laptop drop in to Backtracks Tollcross for computer accessories.

  • Computer monitor Screens  fr £19.99 #RGA Cables #RGB #Connections
  • USB computer Keyboards + Ps2 keyboards - Computer Mouse - Computer Speakers
  • 19v Laptop  Chargers ie Sony, Toshiba, Dell etc - Laptop Cases bags, accessories.
  • Accessories - Printer Cables - Leads -Power Supply etc
  • Webcam Cameras fr £5
  • Microphones from £3.99
  • USB Hubs  #Adaptors USB Cables memory cards
  • Vintage Computer parts

Backtracks Music based in Tollcross, Edinburgh sell many items NOT on display due to space restrictions therefore please ask if close to Bruntsfield, Marchmont, Grange or phone 0131-228-4898.

Retro Consoles

Backtracks Tollcross offers a wide range of RARE retro consoles and hand held retro gaming. You will possibly find Backtracks games shop Edinburgh stocks many titles and retro computer consoles that you are looking for.

Check out our latest range of Game Consoles, memory cards, Game pads, AV tv leads ie red yellow white,  power leads, Power Adaptors, N64 rumble pack, ps1-PS2 Memory cards

PS1/2/3 Playstation games: Great selection of collectible rare quality 2nd Hand games ie Platform, Strategy, War, Fantasy, Racing, Flying, Football, sport, Children's, Education etc.

Computer Game Pads, Joysticks, PS2/3 Guitar Hero, PS2 Drums, Power Adaptors, Leads, Cords, Books, accessories, power supply, connections links for portable handheld or consoles in Edinburgh.

VINTAGE Computer Games:

Huge selection Atari 2600 cartridges, Dragon 32 tapes, Commodore Vic 20 tapes, books and games Excellent fully tested working consoles for vintage gamers to enjoy.

Amiga 500/1200/Amstrad/Spectrum 48/Commodore16/64 games


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