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DIY Tools and Hardware

Backtracks in Tollcross supply a huge selection of useful items and general accessories cheaper and locally in Edinburgh Enquire about equipment, find accessories or Miscellaneous goods in Backtracks shop. These bits & pieces are constantly changing measuring tape price from 95p to that little special adaptor that you are looking for.

Ironmongery and locks:

Since many B&Q, Homebase, McLaren Tools and Poundstretcher shops have closed in Edinburgh. Backtracks have been in greater demand. You may only need an electric cable, screws, screwdriver, nuts, bolts, padlocks, speaker wire and wonder where to find  Ironmongery, 5 lever door locks, bicycle locks, cables, electric fan, smoke alarm, electric fan heater locally in Tollcross all in our Tollcross second hand shop.

Electrical DIY and Equipment.

Backtracks sells useful electrical and DIY Equipment in Tollcross from electrical Plugs, Leads & Accessories, long extension leads with rubber fittings for hedgetrimmers, study lights, battery, 2amp to 13 amp fuses, plugs, sockets, fire alarms, small electrical connections electric heaters from £7.99 or tools so look in or give us a call on 0131-228-4898 / 07889-3636-86 to enquire.

Power tools

Finding someone local to buy a good cheap Electric drill, Electric sander, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Electric Screwdriver, Craft plunge router, Car jump leads Hammer, saw, tool set, socket set, cordless drill, pump, Black & Decker Sander, Jigsaw, ruler, tester,


A huge array of Professional vintage carving tools, chisels etc are available but not all kept in Backtracks shop. Used by master woodcarver but some now available for sale.